meets historical flair.

Falstaff Award – Bestes Ambiente 2023

META is set in Palais Campofranco, a Baroque palace of unique historical flair in the very heart of Bolzano. At the centre of the action, yet in a world of its own, this top-class restaurant offers an unparalleled combination of culinary excellence and stylish ambience, making it an ideal venue for any occasion. 

The wide windows afford a glimpse of the palace’s inner courtyard, which is home to a Ginkgo tree of “royal pedigree”, while the expansive terraces command a privileged view of the town’s cathedral and Waltherplatz square. Bask in the essence of the place, whether savouring a specialty coffee in the morning sun or a fine wine on a balmy summer night. The Waltherplatz underground car park and lifts ensure easy access, and all of Bolzano’s many sights and attractions are just a few steps away. 

META | Restaurant & Suites


Palais Campofranco dates back to 1342, when Heinrich Botsch von Zwingenburg had it converted from three existing houses as a sign of his power and standing. Over the centuries, the palace acquired its distinctive blend of Baroque and Neoclassical styles. 

Former residence of Prince Archbishop Johann Nepomuk Tschiderer, a close friend of Franz Joseph and Empress Sissi, it is still home to a majestic Ginkgo tree, gifted by Sissi to her uncle Heinrich in 1889 – a monument in a record-size vase with an interesting story of its own.

Stylish dining
in royal surroundings.

The elegant glazing looks onto the palace’s inner courtyard with its historic Ginkgo tree, while the panoramic sky terrace offers a fabulous view over the town’s cathedral, Waltherplatz square and the surrounding mountains. The Neoclassical façade adding to META’s distinctive flair was recently brought to renewed splendour by meticulous restoration works. 

True to its roots, META embodies the very soul of South Tyrol and its natural gift for bringing together the best of everything, from all over the world.

META | Restaurant & Suites


In the heart of Bolzano, with all the sights and attractions at your fingertips: great favourites such as the town’s historical arcades, cathedral, museums, picturesque promenades and more are just a few steps away.

Take your time for indulgence: wherever you wish to go next, trains, buses and lift facilities are all within comfortable reach. 

META | Restaurant & Suites

Quality, befittingly celebrated – that’s the definition of Luxury.

Quality, befittingly celebrated – that’s the definition of Luxury.

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